BitChem RAP Bitumen Emulsion

BitChem RAP Bitumen Emulsion is an ideal product for road construction, thanks to its specially designed slow-setting characteristic

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BitChem RAP Bitumen Emulsion

BitChem RAP Bitumen Emulsion is a specially designed Slow Setting Characteristic Emulsion that makes it an ideal product for road construction.

It is chocolate brown in colour and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature. BitChem RAP Emulsion is manufactured strictly as per IS 8887:2018. It is ideally designed for cold mix application in road construction with IRC recommended aggregates for site mix application or Plant Mix Operation for Seal Coat to meet the required mix quality in road construction. Also, it is used in Cold Mix RAP Application by plant mix operation.

Recommended Rate of Application:


Type of Application Quantity in Kg/10 m² Area
Cold Mix Seal Coat 10
Prime Coat application 6-10
Cold Mix RAP Application As per specification

RAP for Cold Recycling


The term ‘RAP’ is given to bituminous material that is recovered from an old existing pavement. There are two ways that RAP material can be used in road construction:

  • In-situ Treatment : The existing bituminous mix can be reclaimed and simultaneously treated using ‘cold in-place recycling’ technology (also referred to as CIR or partial depth recycling). This process uses a large truck-mounted recycler to recover the upper portion of bituminous layer of the existing pavement (normally between 100mm to 150mm depth) and simultaneously RAP in mixed with additives.
  • In Plant Treatment : The milled bituminous mixture is stockpiled locally and treated in a suitable mixing plant. The treated RAP material is then returned to site and paved back in the areas that were milled. The ‘cold in plant recycling’ technology introduces flexibility into the recycling process by separating the recovery and reuse operations. In addition, where required, this process provides the opportunity to crush and/or screen RAP material as well as blend it with fresh aggregate. (eg. Graded crushed stone), if required, before it is recycled.

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