Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization enhances soil performance for road construction via additives or mechanical blending.

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Soil Stabilization

Soil Stabilization is the process of treating a soil to maintain, alter or improve the performance of the soil as a road construction material either by incorporation of additives or by mechanical blending of different soil types. Full-Depth Reclamation Technology (FDR) of asphalt pavement is a rehabilitation method

Soil Stabilization includes blending of soils to achieve a desired gradation or the mixing of commercially available additives that may alter the gradation, texture or plasticity, or act as a binder for cementation of soil. Full-Depth Reclamation Technology (FDR) involves recycling of the existing distressed bituminous layers of an existing asphalt pavement along with a predetermined thickness of the underlying granular (WBM, WMM and GSB) layers into a new base layer

Soil Stabilization is confirming to standard IRC: SP-089-2-2018.
Soil: Most of stabilization has to be undertaken in soft soils (silty, clayey peat or organic soils) in order to achieve desirable engineering properties.
Stabilizing Agent: These are hydraulic (primary binders) or non-hydraulic (secondary binders) materials that when in contact with water or in the presence of pozzolanic minerals reacts with water to form cementitious composite materials. The commonly used binders are:

  • cement
  • lime
  • fly ash
  • blast furnace slag

Factors Affecting Strength of Stabilized Soil: Presence of organic matters, sulphates, sulphides and carbon dioxide in the stabilized soils may contribute to undesirable strength of stabilized materials Full-Depth Reclamation Technology (FDR) is confirming to standard IRC:120-2015 FDR consists of in-situ pulverization of existing pavement and underlying layers, uniform blending of pulverized material, grading and compaction. Cement, emulsion or foamed asphalt or combination of these materials are added to produce a strong base.

FDR Technology has immense advantages such as cost effectiveness, most pavement distress can be treated satisfactorily, Early opening to traffic (within 7-8 hours) of compaction, eliminates material disposal problem, reduces carbon footprint etc Typical applications include the construction of paths, roads, motorways, routes, parks and sports grounds, industrial estates, industrial plants, airfields, dams, backfilling and landfills

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