LDO is a medium-colored fuel obtained during oil distillation

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Light Diesel Oil (LDO) is a medium coloured fuel, either distilled or residual fraction of various oils that is extracted while distillation

This fuel is free flowing in nature. It is a Class C category fuel. Its Flash point is above 65 degrees Celsius.

Recommended Rate of Application:


Sl No. Parameter Specification Std. Method Typical Quality
1 Relative Density @ 15o C, Kg/m3 Report IS:1448 (P:32) 855
2 Flash Point (PMC), oC 66 Min. IS:1448 (P:21) 74
3 Viscosity, Kinematic @40oC, cSt 2.5 to 15.7 Max. IS:1448 (P:25) 5.0
4 Ramsbottom Carbon Residue (RCR), percent by mass 1.50 Max IS:1448 (P:8) 1.30
5 Copper strip corrosion, 3 hrs at 100oC Not worse than No. 2 IS:1448 (P:15) No.1
6 Water content % by Vol. 1.0 Max IS:1448 (P:40) <0.05
7 Sediment % by mass 0.10 Max. IS:1448 (P:30) 0.04
8 Ash % by mass 0.02 Max. IS:1448 (P:4) 0.01
9 Acidity, Inorganic, mg KOH/gm NIL IS:1448 (P:2) Nil
10 Sulphur, Total % by mass 1.8 Max. IS:1448 (P:33) & (P:35) 1.2
11 Pour Point, oC 12oC for Winter, Max 21oC for Summer, Max IS:1448 (P:10) Minus 3

RAP for Cold Recycling


LDO is largely an industrial fuel. It is used by various industries in their manufacturing activities for the purpose of generation of heat and power. It has been used since a long time for such purposes and has gained much importance and inevitable value. It is an effective fuel alternative for varieties of furnace & boiler applications.

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